Previous DEC Meeting Forms and Documents (April 4, 2020):


DEC Agenda 4.4.2020

040420 AL DEC

DEC Rules Updated December 2019

Department Constitution and By-Laws


Previous DEC and Leadership Conference Call Minutes

Minutes.DEC Leadership Conference Call 4.15.2020

Minutes DEC Meeting12-7-19

Minutes DEC Leadership Conference Call 3.24.2020

Summary of Ohio Leadership Conference Call 3.24.2020

Minutes DEC Leadership Conference Call 3.31.2020

Minutes of DEC Leadership Conference Call 3.17.2020


Officer Reports

2021 Membership Awards Manual rev.04.03.20

Minutes Membership Committee 02.29.20

Minutes Membership Conference Call Meeting 03.16.2020

Membership Presentation & Update

Minutes SAL OH 2020 Mid-Winter Conference

Judge Advocate Manual w/ Disciplinary Proceedings (Draft)

Finance Conference Call Minutes 1.14.2020

Finance Conference Call Minutes 3.19.2020

Minutes Finance Meeting Conference Call 3.28.2020


Committee Minutes and Reports

Minutes Americanism Committee 2.29.20

Minutes Baseball Committee 2.23.20

Minutes Special Olympics Committee 2.7.20

Minutes Convention Corp Committee 3.18.20

Minutes Convention Corp Committee 2.7.20

DEC VARO Impact Report2020

Department VA&R Committee Report – April DEC 2020

Minutes VAR Committee Spring Mtg Discussion Notes 2019 – 2020

Minutes National Security Committee 2-29-2020

Department National Security Committee Report – April DEC 2020

2020 WC Point Paper packet

BALC Report

National Convention Information – Louisville, KY  2020

National Convention Housing Form – Louisville, KY  2020



Resolutions to Exercise Article V.Section 1.Postpone Conventions.Draft

Resolutions Under Consideration – DEC – April 2020

Finance and Operations Policies.December 2019


Miscellaneous Information

2020 Emblem Sales Policy Letter

Wilson 2020 Ties Order Form

Paycheck Protection Program Borrower Fact Sheet