Department Commander

Charles Stennis

740-362-7478 |

Charles M. Stennis Jr. was elected to serve 2021-2022 as the Department of Ohio 2nd Vice Commander on Sunday July 11th 2021 and elected to serve 2022-2023 as the Department of Ohio 1st Vice Commander on Sunday July 3rd 2022 and also appointed to serve 2022-2024, as the Department of Ohio Commander by order of Executive Session decision on August 6th 2022.

Charles is a 18 -year PUFL member of Brakeman-King Post 336 and earned his eligibility for the American Legion through his service in the United States Army from 1986-1991.

Charles has served his post Brakeman-King Post 336 Painesville in several elected offices such as Commander (2009-2018), 1st Vice Cdr. (2007-2008), and is currently in his 3rd year as Post Finance Officer. He has served as Lake County Commander and Chaplain and as Commander of the Dynamic Ninth District in 2012. Charles has served the Department of Ohio on several different committees as Asst. Department Chaplain and the last two years as the Department of Ohio as Treasurer.

Charles is currently employed with the Henkel Corporation in Mentor, OH as the Distribution Manager where he is a member of the Site leadership team. Charles has worked for other companies in accounting and supply chain management such as Avery Dennison, Johnson & Johnson, and MSC Industrial.

Charles is engaged in community serving on several non-profit boards in Lake County, Ohio. He is currently Vice-President, past President, Lake County Metropolitan Housing Authority which serves over 3,000 families in Lake County. Charles is also the President of Forbes House, Lake County’s only 24hr. domestic violence shelter.

Charles has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an MBA in Business Administration from Cleveland State University.

Charles has been married to his Tammy, a member of Auxiliary Unit 336, for 33 years and resides in Concord, Ohio. They have one son Brandon a US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, and three grandchildren Greyson, Leilani, and Journee.

Charles is supporter of the programs of the American Legion, and moreover he is a supporter of veterans, in everything he does he seeks to put veterans first.



Jason Rue | 1st Vice Commander

The First Vice Commander serves under the Commander of the Department of Ohio. His responsibilities include being Membership Committee Chairman, ensuring that the Legion message is heard by all veterans, and providing the overall mission for the membership year.

Jason Rue was elected to serve as the 2022-2023 Department of Ohio 2nd Vice Commander on Sunday July 3rd 2022 and also appointed to serve 2022-2024, as the Department of Ohio 1st Vice Commander by order of Executive Session decision on August 6th 2022.

Jason earned his eligibility by service in United States Marine Corps Reserves from January 1994 through January 2000 and the Ohio Army National Guard from June 2005 to December 2019, upon retiring and served a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Local Level: Past Commander at Winnow-Arn Post 541 for two years. District Level: Jason served as The Great First District Commander for two years.

He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Marketing and Management. He also earned a Master’s in Business Administration.

Jason is married to Mindi Rue.

Arnold Whatley | 2nd Vice Commander

The Second Vice Commander serves under the 1st Vice Commander and the Commander of the Department of Ohio. His responsibilities include being Post Activities Chairman.

Arnold Whatley was appointed to serve 2022-2024, as the Department of Ohio 2nd Vice Commander by order of Executive Session decision on August 6th 2022.

Arnold is a member of Post 776 and served 22 ½ years of Active Duty in the United States Air Force (USAF) His past and current offices include; National American Legion Appointment, Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation (VA&R), National Cemetery Committee 2018 -Present, Department of Ohio American Legion Internal Commission Member -2021, Sgt at Arms -2017 – 2018, Assistant Sgt at Arms-2016.

His District Positions/Accomplishments include; 3rd District Commander-2014-2015, 1st Vice Commander -2013, 2nd Vice Commander -2012, Finance Officer-2011, Resolution -2016 -Present, Past Commander Committee -2016 -Present.

His Post Positions/Accomplishments include; Commander Post 776 – 2008-2010, 1st Vice Commander – 2007, 3 Year Trustee -2001, 2004, 2018, 2 Year Trustee -2002, 2005, 2019, 1 Year Trustee -2003, 2006, Present, Needy Family Committee Member 2011 -Present, & PUFL – Major Accomplishments as Commander: $21,000 donation towards Gifts for Yanks Program, 20 Candidates to Boys State, 100% Membership Quota Met.

His other affiliations include; Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge State of Ohio, Edward Dugger, Jr Military Lodge #123 Worshipful Master, Past Master 32° Degree, Miami Consistory #26, Worshipful Master of the Rose Corix, Order of the Eastern Star (OES), Prince Hall Affiliated (PHA), Inc., Past Patron – 2015-2017, Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Akbar Temple #41, Springfield, Ohio, Noble

Arnold is endorsed by Past Department Commanders:
Stanley Pleasant
Henry Long
Robert Steele
David Hilliard

Harold J Savage

Post 384 Whitehouse
Department Treasurer

Department Treasurer- Harold Savage

James O Fast

Post 330 Auglaize
Department Chaplain

James Fast- Department Chaplain

Albert S Buxton

Post 199 Yeager-Benson Memorial
 Assistant Chaplain

Al Buxton- Assistant Chaplian

Jean L Wilson

Post 199 Yeager-Benson Memorial
Immediate Past Department Commander

Immediate Past Department Commander- Jean Wilson

Steve Masowick

Post 685 Streetsboro
Nat’l Executive Committeeman

National Executive Committeeman- Steve Masowick

Ronald L Chapman

Post 288 Williamsburg Inc
Alternate Nat’l Executive Committeeman

National Alternate Executive Committeeman- Ron Chapman

Douglas Whitney

Post 586 Frank E Robinson
Department Judge Advocate

Judge Advocate Douglas Whitney

Al Beyer

Post 535 Irvin Hiskey
Department Historian

Al Beyer- Historian

Keith D Whiddon

Post 139 Tuscarawas Inc
Department Asst. Historian


Gary A Petrochello

Post 103 Dewey Howlett
Department Sergeant-At-Arms

Petrochello, Gary

Steven Ervin

Post 484 Mt. Washington, Inc.
Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms

Steve Ervin- Department Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms

Robert Carson

Post 566 Garfield Memorial
Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms

Robert Carson- Department Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms

Harold Smathers

Post 476 Joseph Freeman
Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms

8th District 1st Vice Harold Smathers

Frank (Joe) Navarre

Post 468 Joseph W. Diehn
Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms

Frank (Joe) Navarre- Department Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms

Michael L Homan

Post 241 New Bremen
Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms

2nd District Commander- Mike Homan.2

Richard Wright

Post 703 Parma Heights
Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms

Richard Wright- Department Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms


Post 000
Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms


Gary A Minadeo

Post 7 Brewer-Tarasco
Department Parliamentarian

Gary Minadeo teaches parliamentary procedure

Kevin B Motter

Post 109 Montpelier
“Great” First District Commander

1st District Commander- Kevin Motter

Harold D Landis

Post 512 Toledo Police
“Great” First District 1st Vice Commander

1st District 1st Vice Commander- Harold Landis

Timothy W Shaw

Post 173 Harold Kerr
Second “To None” District Commander

2nd District 1st Vice Commander- Timothy Shaw.2

Thomas W Tierney

Post 210 Celina
Second “To None” District 1st Vice Commander

2nd District 1st Vice Commander- Thomas Tierney

Michael J Blackwell

Post 707 Randolph
“Thundering” Third District Commander

3rd District Commander- Michael Blackwell

Ken LaVoy

Post 598 Kettering
“Thundering” Third District 1st Vice Commander

3rd District 1st Vice Commander- Ken LaVoy

Jerry E Perry

Post 72 Stuart G Luginbuhl
“Fabulous” Fourth District Commander

4th District Commander- Jerry Perry

Albert S Buxton (Al)

Post 199 Yeager-Benson Memorial
“Fabulous” Fourth District 1st Vice Commander

4th District 1st Vice Commander- Al Buxton

Darell T Bishop

Post 118 Elmer Johnson
“Fighting” Fifth District Commander

5th District Commander- Darell Bishop

Martin H Moore

Post 118 Elmer Johnson
“Fighting” Fifth District 1st Vice Commander

5th District 1st Vice Commander- Martin Moore

Gary Cox, Jr.

Post 79 Union
“Sizzling” Sixth District Commander

6th District Commander- Gary Cox Jr

Shane Eaton

Post 97 Jenkins-Vaughan
“Sizzling” Sixth District 1st Vice Commander

6th District 1st Vice Commander- Shane Eaton

Lorena Nichols

Post 25 Paul H Hughey
“Magnificent” Seventh District Commander

7th District Commander- Lorena Nichols


Post 000
“Magnificent” Seventh District 1st Vice Commander


Robert O Schmoll Jr

Post 128 Feeney-Bennett
“Great” Eighth District Commander

8th District Commander- Robert Schmoll

Donald N Capps

Post 188 John Tague
“Great” Eighth District 1st Vice Commander

8th District 1st Vice Commander- Donald Capps

Joyce A Hannum

Post 459 Atwood-Mauck
“Dynamic” Ninth District Commander

9th District Commander- Joyce Hannum

William Richard Dittebrand

Post 214 Palmer-Roberts
“Dynamic” Ninth District 1st Vice Commander

9th District 1st Vice Commander- William Dittebrand

Larry E Stottsberry Jr

Post 221 Massillon
“Great” Tenth District Commander

10th District Commander- Larry Stottsberry Jr

Wesley A Crothers

Post 131 Joe Williams Inc
“Great” Tenth District 1st Vice Commander

10th District 1st Vice Commander- Wesley Crothers

Steven C Wainwright

Post 389 Russell Chadwick
“Elite” Eleventh District Commander

11th District Commander- Steven Wainwright

Thom Stan

Post 389 Russell Chadwick
“Elite” Eleventh District 1st Vice Commander

11th District 1st Vice Commander- Thom Stan

Brad Beatty

Post 164 Paschall
“Capital” Twelfth District Commander

12th District Commander- Brad Beatty

George Mussi, Jr.

Post 798 Reynoldsburg
“Capital” Twelfth District 1st Vice Commander

Asst Sgt-At-Arms George Mussi

James G Lockyer

Post 91 Albert E Baesel Inc
“Tenacious” Thirteenth District Commander

13th District 1st Vice Commander- James Lockyer.2

Bertrand C Boyd Sr

Post 315 Western Reserve
“Tenacious” Thirteenth District 1st Vice Commander

13th District 1st Vice Commander- Bert Boyd

John J Life

Post 449 Firestone Memorial
“Phenomenal” Fourteenth District Commander

14th District Commander- John Life

Sharon L McClain

Post 281 Charles Faust
“Phenomenal” Fourteenth District 1st Vice Commander

14th District 1st Vice Commander- Sharon McClain