To Our Ohio Legion Family,

The freedom which we have been given to assemble and speak out in an orderly manner saddens me that citizens took the measures they did by using the most sensitive of matters, the killing and death of George Floyd, and many others, to cause destruction and looting of businesses, as well as defacing the war monuments in our communities.  Violence begets violence.  It is not the answer and only adds to the problem.  We wish peace to our Black Community that consistently endures these experiences, for far too long.

I commend those who assembled in a peaceful manner and properly exercised their rights. We must come together just as it was done when Dr. Martin Luther King would march and rally to recognize justice and equality for the Black Community.  There are members of our organization who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who faced racism amongst the ranks of their military experiences, during peace and war. We need to address this “dis-ease” that affects so many. We as veterans and Legionnaires can make a difference.  The American Legion Department of Ohio stands with our Black Communities, our Black members, and veterans of all race, gender, and age. Let’s use the basic tools and principles as outlined within our Four Pillars to bring hope, justice, and peace to everyone. Let’s show our citizens what The American Legion stands for and to advocate to correct the systems that bring injustice to defeat this “dis-ease.”

For God and Country,

Roger Friend


American Legion Dept. of Ohio

To Our Ohio Legion Family,

Governor DeWine announced new sectors of business that are now permitted to reopen in our state under the Stay Safe Order. Those additions included Barbershops, Hair salons, Restaurants, and Bars starting May 15.

On May

15, restaurants and bars may offer an outside dining experience—our Post, who operates restaurants or bars, must follow the guidelines, maintain social distancing,  and limit parties of 10 or fewer people.

On May 21, restaurants and bars may open inside dining with additional instructions and patrons may be required to wear a face-covering while they wait to be seated. Once seated, you may remove your face mask. If you need to leave your seat, you would be required to don your face covering again. Bars may open as well if they can meet the specific guidelines listed.

As a reminder, American Legion Post must not hold events, meetings, or functions of charitable gaming that will bring out a mass gathering of more than ten people.

Our American Legion Posts must also follow these latest additions to the Stay Safe Order. As the Governor stated, we are Ohioan’s we can do this, but remember the virus is still out there, so we must protect each other be safe.

The Ohio Liquor Commission is offering a one-time Liquor Rebate Program designed to help Ohio bars and restaurants reopen in the coming weeks – eligible permit holders can receive a $500 rebate for the purchase of high proof spirituous liquor. You will find more details below.

Lastly, Memorial Day is quickly approaching. Department HQ has reached out to the Veterans Cemetery Administration and the Governors’ Office to seek guidance on how we may honor the sacrifice of our fallen servicemen and servicewomen. While the National Veterans Cemeteries will be open on Memorial Day, at this time, no large gatherings such as grave decorating or Memorial Day Ceremonies are permitted as of today.

The American Legion has created an outlet for us to observe Memorial Day on social media, but they need our help. Legiontown will share the names, photos, and the stories of our fallen via Facebook and Twitter starting May 22, 2020. The American Legion is asking for us to help them compile a list of those whom we honor and remember on Memorial Day. You may submit the service members by visiting:

It is my distinct pleasure to serve as your Department Commander.

For God and Country,

Roger Friend

Department Commander


May 29, 2020


We Cannot End Racism With Violence

COLUMBUS — Congressman Troy Balderson released the following statement regarding incidents that occurred overnight in Columbus:


“Violence in all forms is wrong. This includes the protests that led to rioting overnight in Columbus. Every member of our community deserves to feel safe. Right now, many do not. Black Americans do not. Central Ohio families do not. Business owners do not. Bystanders do not. This is inexcusable across the board.


“I fully condemn the hateful, violent death of George Floyd. My heart and my prayers are with his family. They lost a son, a brother, a father, a cousin too soon. Justice must be brought against the man who killed him.


“We cannot end racism with violence. We must show each other understanding, kindness, and respect. If we are to find solutions, now more than ever, we must work together—not against each other.”

Congressman Troy Balderson