Attorney General’s office Bingo Training on December 13

Attention Posts: The Attorney General’s Charitable Law office will have bingo training scheduled on December 13 at the State Library. Posts can call or sign up online by clicking HERE.

Office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

30 E. Broad St., 25th Floor | Columbus, OH 43215
Cell: 614-398-2872 | Office: 614-644-8714 | Fax: 866-239-5451

» Posts please be advised – In response to the high volume of phone calls the Charities office is getting regarding the Attorney General’s new rule for one-year only contracts to renew Posts’ licenses, the American Legion Department of Ohio Charities, Inc. invites Posts to use this contract (Click HERE). Our information is pre-filled. When the Post has completed their portion, they should email the entire contract to this email address: We will then complete our portion and return the signature page to the Post.

» Posts please view the “Letter of Good Standing” document we create and send to the Attorney General’s office each year. Because of the inclusion of the new e-gaming, they now require each individual Post to send in their own certificate of good standing. Highlight your Post on the document attached and include it with all your other paperwork. If they come back to you requesting an individual letter, contact Shirley Espenshade at immediately.

Click HERE for the Letter of Good Standing (PDF)

Click HERE for the Letter of Good Standing (MSword)

» Posts please read this the letter from the AG office. We need to be aware of the urgency to comply with the rules the state of Ohio has set up for the new e-Instant Bingo games.

Click HERE to read the letter please.

» Available for download below is a copy of the document, “Internal Control Procedure and Policy” created to guide Posts on how to conduct the new E-Instant Bingo games. Posts need to provide some proof of their e-bingo internal control when registering with the Attorney General’s office and this document meets the criteria.

Click Here to download and fill the Internal Control Procedure and Policy

Shirley Espenshade, Executive Secretary

Phone: 740-513-1722 | Email:

Board of Directors

Glenn Hickman | Arthur Lustig | James Morris | Jean Wilson | Jerry Wilson

The American Legion Department of Ohio Charities was launched as a 501(C)3 public charity in 2003 to allow Legion Family members and friends to make a general donation to The American Legion Department of Ohio or choose a specific program to support.

» Fill, Download and Print the .pdf Charities Financial Request Form Here

or fill out the online form below to submit request to Charities Inc.

(be sure to click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the form once)

Charities, Inc. is currently sorting through the $500 grant requests made by Posts. Jerry Wilson spoke to the DEC about funds available to help recover income lost when the old video raffle machines were shut down December 31, 2021. Arrow International gifted $100,000 to Charities, Inc. for naming Arrow the preferred company to supply the machines to the Posts. Jerry Wilson spoke at the winter DEC meeting and told the officers that “we want to be able to offer a grant to any Post that has gaming in our Department.” The Post must have sent in their Consolidated Post Report and then make their request on the Charities Financial Request Form found in this section of the Charities, Inc. webpage. Mr. Wilson continued, “All you have to do is send in your Consolidated Post Report (CPR) in with the request. That’s it. You don’t have to tell us what you’re doing with the money.” Please ensure to follow this method when submitting your requests.

Charities Financial Request Form

Please enter a number from 0 to 2020.
Requesting Persons Name:
Please enter a number less than or equal to 400000000.
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 50 MB.
    If you have additional documents or photos to accompany the request please click 'select files' to browse and select your additional material.

    Post AG Office Compliancy with Gaming Company agreements & licensing information:

    Click HERE for Highlights about the new Electronic Instant Bingo rules from the Attorney General’s Bingo School presentation held at our 2022 Mid-Winter Conference in Columbus.



    For more information please contact Angela Spurlock directly:

    Angela Spurlock

    Charitable Law Bingo Compliance Administrator

    (330) 884-7503

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    (Click Here to download more information)

    Legislation for Electronic Charitable Gaming at veterans and fraternal locations was recently passed in the Ohio legislature and will be operated under the leadership of the Attorney General’s office, the same as Instant Bingo is set up. The timeline is to end all current video raffle operations by December 31, 2021 in preparation for the setup of contracts with the Attorney General’s office beginning January 1, 2022. April 1, 2022 is the target date to begin operating the new Electronic Charitable Gaming machines. The Attorney General strongly recommends the removal of all video raffle gaming machines currently in operation by January 1, 2022 to avoid a delay in issuing the location’s electronic instant bingo license.

    This can be an excellent source of charitable income for the Posts. Our goal is to educate the Posts to follow the guidelines and avoid unnecessary shutdowns and hefty fines.

    -Shirley Espenshade, Charities, Inc.

    Summer 2021 Donation Grants and Sweepstakes Winners:


    Charitable Bingo Fundraising contract

    » Download Contract


    The office of Ohio Attorney General, Dave Yost, has made a interactive website specific to “CHARITABLE OHIO”!

    There is a lot of information relating to Charitable gaming, fundraising, Bingo, and Charities in general.

    Here is the link:

    Consider requesting a representative from the Charitable Law Section to attend your District Conferences.