SAL Membership

Part of the administrative requirements from year-to-year is the submisison of certain report forms to the national, state, and district organizations to
document important details about a squadron [or district]. Providing the details requested on these .pdf or Excel tabs will automatically populate the corresponding
fields on the actual report forms listed below. Specifically, this file will produce completed versions of the following:

1) Annual Squadron Data Report [due to Detachment Headquarters by April 15th each year; National deadline is May 1st]
2) Officers Certification Form (for both squadrons and districts; specific to the Detachment of Ohio) [due to Detachment HQ by May 1st]
3) Notification of Post/Squadron Commanders & Adjutants (to be filed by the Post Adjutant) [due as soon as new officers are known]

Please enter all of the required information where indicated by the orange highlights. Optional information is highlighted in yellow.



Single form Entries:

Officers Certification Form:


Consolidated Squadron Report Form:

(PDF or PDF fillable)

SAL Annual Squadron Data Report


Fall Conference

(Fall meetings will be held in person or virtually on 10/07 at Dept. HQ for 2023)

2024 Of The Year Awards:

» Nominations must be received by Department headquarters no later than March 1st
» Nominations must be received by National headquarters no later than April 1st

2024 Of The Year Awards:

» Post nomination must be forwarded to your District Chairman by August 1st
» Each District nomination will be forwarded to Department no later than September 15th