a formal expression of opinion, will, or intent voted by an official body or assembled group


Legionnaires at every membership level are afforded the opportunity to suggest changes in their local posts’ policies, or even to the manner in which the Legion operates as an organization. Legionnaires interested in initiating such a process must file a resolution – a written description of a problem or situation, followed by a suggestion as to how it may be corrected. A resolution may also be a statement or declaration pertaining to an issue of concern to the Legion. It consists of two parts: the preamble (description of the problem), and the resolve clause (how the local post, department or national organization should solve the problem or support the issue). The entire resolution should be one continuous sentence, with the preamble clause(s) preceding the resolve clause(s).


Need help writing a resolution?

The resolution booklet has been developed to assist The American Legion staff and volunteers to be as consistent as possible in composing and writing resolutions.

Download the resolution booklet: Here


Recent Department meeting resolutions:

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Recent National meeting resolutions:

Resolution No. 24 Reaffirmation of The American Legion Life Insurance Plan Preemption

Resolution No. 37 Reaffirmation of The American Legion Policy Concerning Affiliation with Other Organizations

Resolution No.19 Updated Program Guidelines for the American Legion Riders National Program

Resolution No. 1_Amendment to the Preamble of the Constitution of The American Legion

Resolution No. 28_Updated Rules and Conditions for the Samsung American Legion Scholarship Program

Resolution No. 41_Protection of the POW-MIA Flag


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