The Sons of The American Legion was created in 1932 as an organization within The American Legion that exists to honor the service and sacrifice of Legionnaires. The S.A.L. is made up of males of all ages whose parents or grandparents served in the U.S. military and became eligible for membership in The American Legion.

Together, members of The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of The American Legion comprise The Legion Family. All three organizations place high importance on preserving our American traditions and values, improving the quality of life for our nation’s children, caring for veterans and their families, and perhaps most importantly, teaching the fundamentals of good citizenship.

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Sons of The American Legion Officers

» Full List of Committee Chairmen
Doug Hancock

Doug Hancock

Detachment Commander
Murbach-Siefert Squadron 479

Albright, Dennis Special Olympics chairman

Dennis Albright

Detachment First Vice Cmdr.
Joseph W. Hoffman Squadron 757

Dave Dilts

Dave Dilts

Detachment Second Vice Cmdr.
Zanesville Squadron 29

Scott Thornton

Scott Thornton

Detachment Adjutant
Conn-Weissenberger Squadron 587

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Chase Ordway

Detachment Asst. Adjutant
Winnow-Arn Squadron 541

Tim Conway

Tim Conway

Detachment Chaplain
Loudon Squadron 257

Towns, Bill J A

Bill Towns Jr.

Detachment Judge Advocate
Don V Cross Squadron 357

Sutterlin, Bill

Buster Sutterlin

Detachment Nat’l Exec. Committeeman
Loudon Squadron 257


Steve Honigfort

Detachment Alt. Nat’l Exec. Committeeman
Kerner-Slusser Squadron 63

Bernie Kessler

Bernie Kessler

Detachment Imm. Past Commander
Colonel Crawford Squadron 181

Conley, John

John Conley

Detachment Sergeant-at-Arms
James Dickey Squadron 23

Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter

Detachment Historian
Don V Cross Squadron 357


Membership is the lifeblood of any non-profit organization, and the Sons of The American Legion is no exception. We need to continually work hard at renewing the membership of our current members as well as pursue getting new ones to join the S.A.L. in order to be successful in our charitable programs.

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Eligibility for Membership

S.A.L. members include males of all ages whose parents or grandparents served in the U.S. military and were eligible for American Legion membership. All male descendants, adopted sons and stepsons of members of The American Legion, and such male descendants of veterans who died in service during World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf War, and the Global War on Terrorism, during the delimiting periods set forth in Article IV, Section 1, of the National Constitution of The American Legion, or who died subsequent to their honorable discharge from such service, shall be eligible for membership in the Sons of The American Legion.

The Ohio SALute Newsletter

Jeff Vrabel, Editor |

The Official Newsletter of the Sons of The American Legion, Detachment of Ohio

Squadrons and Districts are encouraged to send articles, photographs, meeting announcements, fundraisers, activities, and anything else that you think might be a good fit for our newsletter. The Ohio SALute is the best Detachment newsletter in the organization – let’s keep it the best by submitting information in a timely fashion.

Publication deadlines are listed below.

2022 Summer Edition for July, August, September – Articles due no later than June 12, 2022
2022 Fall Edition for October, November, December – Articles due no later than September 11, 2022
2022 Winter Edition for January, February, March – Articles due no later than December 11, 2021
2022 Spring Edition for April, May, June – Articles due no later than March 12, 2022
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Detachment Convention


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Commander’s Homecoming Bottle Raffle

The Auction began in 1988 at Detachment Commander Terry Kettering’s Homecoming when a bottle of Canadian Club was bought by Dale Hartley. Since then, it has been auctioned at each Detachment Commander’s Homecoming with all funds being donated to The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation. In 1991 at Kent Blanchard’s Homecoming, the original bottle was retired in grand style and a new, gold-plated bottle of Canadian Club was presented to continue the tradition.

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District Commanders


Thomas Rosenbauer


Randy Matthews


Troy Davis


Charles Castle


Cary Kuhl


Theodore Kohler


John Conley


Phillip Lightfoot


Thomas Foss


Matthew Baxter


Chester Crooks


Rocky Searles


Adam Budner


Frederick Hartline

John Robinson, Department S.A.L. Liaison

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