Please read the following information BEFORE completing the form:

  1. The Membership Chairman is NOT the Post recruiter on this form.THE MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN IS THE PERSON WHO WILL BE PROCESSING MEMBERSHIP AT YOUR POST. All membership correspondence from the Department will be with this individual. THE MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN MUST HAVE A PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE NEW YEAR’S CARDS. It is also highly recommended that this person have a working email address.
  2. The form will not be accepted as complete if the following is not completed:
    1. All listed officers have paid their 2024 dues
    2. The ID numbers are complete and correct for each listed officer
    3. The Office of Commander MUST be filled
  3. If a position is left blank then the following assignments will be made:
      First Vice Commander–Adjutant
      Finance Officer–Adjutant
      Service Officer–Commander
      Membership Chairman–First Vice Commander
      Commander–Form will be returned to you
  4. ALL phone numbers MUST be included. If a member’s address, phone, or email is different from those on record, please ensure that the record is updated with a Membership Data Form or on myLegion/ prior to completing this form. Address changes CANNOT be made using this form. All correspondence is sent to the home address on record. Department no longer mails to the Post address.

For any questions, please contact Department headquarters at 740-362-7478

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