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By Mark C. Seavey (and/or) William A. Proffet, (and/or) John B. Raughter,



Good morning, Legionnaires and veterans’ advocates, it’s Thursday, January 27, 2022, which is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, National Chocolate Cake Day, and National Geographic Day.

Today in American Legion history: 

Jan. 27, 1936: Congress overrides President Roosevelt’s veto of the Adjusted Compensation Payment Act – a redrafted version of The American Legion’s bill that had been introduced by U.S. Rep. Fred M. Vinson. The House had passed the measure 356-59 and the Senate approved it 74-16, enough support to override an expected veto from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt’s Jan. 24 veto is quickly overridden. Immediately following the law’s enactment, American Legion National Commander Ray Murphy sends by airmail the forms necessary for veterans to file for the payments and broadcasts to a national radio audience the procedure for doing so. By April 25, 1936, approximately 2.9 million applications for the bonds are filed by veterans.

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