Roger M. Hight State Bowling Tournament

Pre-Registration Instructions

2021 Tournament Year


Hosted By:     American Legion Post 165

Location:         Poekling Lanes South; 8871 Kingsridge Drive, Centerville, Ohio 45458

Hotel:               American Legion Rate is $89

DoubleTree Suites Dayton South/Miamisburg; 937-436-2400


Dates and  Start Times


  1. Doubles and Singles
    1. Saturday, February 13 at 3 pm
    2. Saturday, February 20 at 1 pm
    3. Saturday, February 27 at 1 am
    4. Saturday, March 6 at 9 am


  1. Teams
    1. Sunday, February 14 at 9 am
    2. Sunday, February 21 at 9 am
    3. Sunday, February 28 at 9 am
    4. Sunday, March 7 at 9 am


  1. If you would like to bowl your TEAM games on Friday at 5 pm – mark it on your application form.
    1. February 12 at 5 pm
    2. February 19 at 5 pm
    3. February 26 at 5 pm
    4. March 5th at 5 pm


  1. March dates will only be used if we reach capacity in February; all time slots in February must be filled first.
  2. You may not be assigned your preferred time or requested date
  3. The deadline to return the registration form and registration fees is COB Friday, February 5.



  1. The American Legion Department of Ohio, American Legion Post 165, nor Poekling Lanes South is responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  2. All inquires relative to the Department Bowling tournament must be made through Department Headquarters by calling 740-815-0765 or by emailing
  3. When making your hotel reservations, please ask for the American Legion Department of Ohio State Bowling Tournament Rate.



  1. Tournament participants must be a member in good standing of The American Legion, The Son’s of The American Legion, or The American Legion Auxiliary.
  2. All participants, including substitutes, must have in their possession a 2021 membership card and be recorded as being paid at Department or Auxiliary Headquarters by January 21, 2021 – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Each participant must show their 2021 membership card and a photo ID at the registration desk.
    1. Bowlers without their 2021 membership card and photo ID will not be permitted to bowl.

Please write down the names of team members in the order that they will bowl


Team Captains

  1. A participant may only bowl once per category (team, doubles, and singles).
  2. Team captains may not represent more than one (1) team.
  3. All participants must register not less than fifteen (15) minutes before the time scheduled.
  4. Team captains are responsible for their team members’ conduct and are to ensure that their team members understand the tournament’s rules.



  1. Entrants will use their highest league average based on a minimum of 21 games for the 2019-2020 season.
  2. If the current 21-game average as of December 1, 2020, is ten or more pins above the 2018-2019 season’s average, the current average must be used.
  3. If the entrant played less than 21 games in the 2019-2020 season, the entrant would use the average of 21 games or more as of December 1, 2019.
  4. Suppose the entrant does not have an established average or has not participated in the American Legion Department of Ohio’s bowling tournament in the last two years. In that case, the following average will be assigned:
    1. Women: 150
    2. Male: 180

If entrant bowls in more than one league, the highest average bowled must be used.

      1. Mixed leagues are to be considered for the determination of the highest average
      2. Participants are responsible for verifying their average that is submitted by the participant, the team captain, or others.



  1. The handicap is 90% of the difference in average and 220 pins.
  2. The computer program per game will determine the handicap.
  3. Handicap changes will only be accepted or made on Saturday of the tournament unless the participant did not bowl on Saturday.



  1. The team’s substitution affidavits must be filed 15 minutes before the time entrant is scheduled to bowl.
  2. The substitute affidavit will be furnished by the team making the substitution.
  3. Every bowler, including the substitute, must be present and registered 15 minutes before the scheduled time to bowl.


Time Allotted Per Shift – Singles & Doubles Category

  1. Participants shall be allowed three and a half (3 ½) hours to complete bowling of scheduled shift.
  2. The Bowling Commissioners reserves the right to extend the time allotted per shift because of mechanical breakdowns or specific reasons.
  3. The Bowling Commissions’ decision is final.



  1. 100% of the fees will be returned in cash prizes and awards to the top 15 per event.
  2. The prize ratio is dependent on the number of tournament entries.
  3.   All tournament prizes will include handicap.

Refund Policy

  1. After entries have been received and the date assigned and are not refused by the team or individual entrant before preparation of schedule, the entry fees will not be refunded.


 Bowling Registration printable PDF Form: 2021 Roger Hight State Bowling Tournament Pre-Registration Packet


2020 Bowling Tournament Results:

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