Ohio Legion News ‘Digital Only’ Copy

Thank you for being a member of The American Legion. Currently, you are receiving a quarterly Ohio Legion Newspaper to the address listed in the Legion member database. To better serve our members, The Department of Ohio is offering a ‘digital only’ copy of this publication. Instead of getting the newspaper in the mail, you would receive a copy to enjoy to your provided email.

The benefits of receiving a ‘digital only’ copy are as follows:

· Reduces impact on the environment by eliminating the need for paper

· You will get information in a more timely manner

· Allows you to share information with potential members much more easily

· Eliminates postage costs that can be used in support of other Department of Ohio American Legion Programs

· You will get access to additional content that doesn’t fit in the printed version of the Ohio Legion News

Of course, we will continue to provide the mailed hard-copy of the Ohio Legion News as normal if not choosing this option, but we strongly encourage our membership to consider receiving the electronic newspaper due to constant increases in print and mailing costs due to the dying print industry. Please provide a reply if choosing to receive a ‘digital only’ copy of the Ohio Legion News by filling out the online form below.

You can also email your confirmation to legion@ohiolegion.com or mail your confirmation to:

The American Legion Department of Ohio

PO Box 8007

60 Big Run Road

Delaware, OH 43015


The American Legion consists of Four Pillars: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, Americanism, Children & Youth, and National Security. These Pillars Programs all rest on a platform of your valued MEMBERSHIP!

Click Here to fill out the online form or scroll down to fill out the web-form to sign up for the ‘Digital Only’ Copy of the Ohio Legion News.

Ohio Legion News 'Digital Only' Copy

This form is for any Legion member to opt out of receiving a hardcopy of the newspaper and receive a .pdf version of the quarterly Legion News by email.
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