June 26th-June 28th –  Toledo, Ohio

Failure to adhere to the deadline may result in a Post being issued visitor credentials only and NOT permitted to vote

Delegates and alternates to Department Convention, shall be elected and certified to the Department Headquarters and to the District Commander at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Department Convention. Failure to return this form before MIDNIGHT, June 19th shall be cause for the Credentials Committee to refuse to seat Post delegates and thereby cause the Post to lose their vote in the Convention Sessions.

AUTHORIZED DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES: Each Post shall be entitled to one delegate and one alternate for twenty-five (25) members, two delegates and two alternates for sixty-six (66) members and one delegate and one alternate for each additional one hundred (100) members. The name of each and every delegate selected/elected by the Post must be entered.

Some Posts establish “AUTOMATIC” Delegate positions which are filled, by example, by the outgoing Post Commander, a Trustee, etc. ALL such individuals MUST BE entered as a Post Delegate.

If a delegate from a Post is not entered, NO voting credentials will be prepared by Department Headquarters.

**This applies to Post members who are a member of the current Department Executive Committee or a Past Department Commander. These individuals must be listed as a delegate or alternate by the Post.


Unlike the number of delegates which are established based on the Post Membership, a Post may have any number of alternates.

The name of each and every Alternate selected/elected by a Post must be entered.

If an alternate from a Post is not entered, NO alternate credentials will be prepared by Department Headquarters.

At Department Convention, problems regarding a Post’s delegates and alternates will be reviewed by the Department Conventional Credentials Committee.


All members of the Department Executive Committee shall be delegates to the Department Convention during their term of office, with vote, to be exercised with their respective Posts, provided they are certified and registered.

All Past Department Commanders, while in good standing with their respective Posts, shall be life delegates to all Department Conventions, with vote, to be exercised with their respective Posts, provided they are certified and registered.

The membership books will close at 12 noon, Wednesday May 27th, for the purpose of computing delegates strength. Delegate voting credentials will be prepared only for the number of delegates established by the Post Membership as of this Membership Convention Report.


  1. If no one from your Post plans to attend Department Convention, do not enter any names as delegates or alternates on the “Certification of Post Delegates – Alternates” form. There are no repercussions for a Post not attending Department Convention, although every Post is encouraged to participate in the convention process.
  2. If your Post has already completed the Certification of Post Officers form, including the Post Delegates/Alternates mailed to the Post Adjutant in the Convention Call, DO NOT complete this electronic form. Please do NOT submit more than one form.
  3. Delegate and Alternate certification forms are reviewed by the Department Convention Credentials Committee upon receipt by Department Headquarters. Post will be notified if more Delegates than allowed by the Post Membership have been certified. It is the responsibility of the Post to correct the situation prior to the Department Convention.

Certification of Post Delegates-Alternates Mail-In Form

  • ***DISCLAIMER*** Be sure to click the "Submit" button at the end of this form to ensure Department receives your Delegates and Alternates. Also please bring a printed copy of this electronic submission to convention registration. Please note Post Commanders are not given an extra delegate voting spot, they must use 1 delegate strength spot per Post.
  • Post Information

  • DEC Member Information

  • Past Dept. Commander Information

  • Delegate(s)/Alternate(s) Information

  • By clicking "Submit," you are digitally signing this document and agree that all information included is valid and correct to the best of your knowledge.