The Department’s Law and Order program is one of the best ways to enhance the image of your Post and The American Legion and at the same time, recognize outstanding individuals within your community.

There are several Law and Order Awards available from Department Headquarters. It is our hope this information will clarify what is available, what each award involves, how they may be requested, and thus increase awareness of the importance Law and Order and its effect on our daily lives.


Certificates of Recognition (Law Officer or Firefighter)

The Department has available to Posts, at no charge, Special Certificate Recognition for presentation to Outstanding Police Officers and Firefighters. The Department Commander and Adjutant will sign these certificates and there is space contained for the signatures of the Post Commander and Adjutant.

Certificates may be ordered at: or by mail or fax to Department Headquarters.

Department Public Service Awards

The Department of Ohio will recognize the most outstanding Police Officer, Firefighter, and Civilian Life Saver of the Year. Nominations should be submitted by Posts to their District Commander. There is no limit that Posts can submit to their respective Districts for judging.

Districts will judge all nominations and submit one winner for each category per District.

The Department Law and Order Committee will judge the District entries during their annual meeting.

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