Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Dave Cook | Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee Chairman

Phone: 937-243-2749 |

The American Legion has for nearly 95 years acted as the nation’s leading advocate for proper health care, economic opportunity and legal benefits for U.S. military veterans. The Legion was instrumental in the creation of the Veterans Administration in 1930 and an ardent supporter of its elevation to cabinet status when it became the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1989. The relationship between VA and The American Legion continues to evolve today.

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Click here to obtain the CVSO Claims Policy Submission.

Click here to download and view The American Legion Code of Procedure.

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee Members

  • DISTRICT 1 – Pat Grzyboswki
  • DISTRICT 2 – Charles R Craynon
  • DISTRICT 3 – Joe Law
  • DISTRICT 4 – Robert Ray
  • DISTRICT 5 – Darell Bishop
  • DISTRICT 6 – David Cook
  • DISTRICT 7 –
  • DISTRICT 8 – Tina Walker
  • DISTRICT 9 – Bill Keller
  • DISTRICT 10 – Gary Ickes
  • DISTRICT 11 –
  • DISTRICT 12 – John Tepper
  • DISTRICT 13 – Leroy Brinkhoff
  • DISTRICT 14 – Bob Carson

Gifts for Yanks Committee

Darell Bishop | Gifts for Yanks Committee Chairman

Phone: 740-362-7478 |

During World War II, Comedian Eddie Cantor started a fundraising effort to provide Christmas gifts for American Military Personnel hospitalized in England as a result of the War. His national project was called “Give to a Yank Who Gave,” which precedes the program now named “Gifts for Yanks (GFY).” In 1952, Ohio began the program collecting $8,000, which was used to purchase cigarettes for veterans in Ohio Veterans Hospitals. By 1994, the program has grown to support volunteers in all of the Ohio VA Medical Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Ohio Veterans Homes, and veterans residing in state mental health facilities.

Employment Committee

Scott Horsington | Employment Committee Chairman

Phone: 740-258-8655 |

Welcome to The American Legion Department of Ohio Employment Committee website page where you will find many resources that can assist you as a committee member, or a Legionnaire. Please continue to visit the website as changes will occur on a regular basis. We welcome any and all suggestions. As your committee liaison at Department Headquarters please contact me personally at or call at 740-362-7478 x-2. Thank you for all you do on behalf of the veterans in Ohio!

National Security Committee

Al Buxton | National Security Committee Chairman

Phone: 513-225-1489 |

The National Security Committee is comprised of 14 appointed individuals from the 14 districts in the department of Ohio. The Chair person is appointed by the current Commander of the Department of Ohio. The committee is responsible for reviewing items pertaining to various security issues that involve such items as cyber security, security of our boarders, our armed forces, their equipment and numbers so we don’t get into a position where we can’t maintain our presence in areas needed to insure our safety. The committee is also involved in military benefits and quality of life items that face our armed forces as well as the veterans that have served. These issues are addressed by either creating Resolutions to address the items or approve submitted resolutions by other committees or individuals. These resolutions are presented at the department convention to be accepted and, once accepted, move on to the national convention. If the resolution is passed at the national level it will then be presented to congress for possible action.

Legislative Committee

Malcolm Glasgow | Legislative Committee Chairman

Phone: 614-404-9705 |

The mission of the Legislative Committee is to review all State, Federal, House, and Senate Bills pending to gauge the level of support from The American Legion Department of Ohio. To communicate with the Legislative Liaison and Service Director who performs lobbying tasks on behalf of the 100K+ Legionnaires within Ohio. The Legislative Committee members meet at least annually and are tasked with maintaining open lines of communication with local Legislators in their Districts to inform them of how The American Legion is at the forefront of helping veterans, their families, and our children & youth and to encourage participation in our programs.

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Online Resources for Legislative

Legislative Committee Members

Frederick Walter

Mike Homan

Ken Lavoy

Gary Tarvin

Jarrett “Ken” Estep

Terry Hummel

Emmett Gregory

Annette Eden

Charles Sayers

Lawrence Pealer

Floyd Burk, Jr.

Malcom Glasglow

David Donaldson

Wayne Wright

Membership Committee

Jean Wilson | Membership Committee Chairman

Phone: 513-708-1969  |

The Department Membership Committee is made up of the 1st Vice Commanders of each of the 14 Districts in the Department. The Committee is chaired by the Department 1st Vice-Commander each membership year. This Committee is tasked with setting the goals and expectations of the following membership year which runs from every July 1st to June 31st.


Membership Stats

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These responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Establishing the guidelines that dictate the Post and District quotas for the following year.
  • Evaluating the following year Membership Awards Manual and recommending any suggested changes to the Department Executive Committee for approval.
  • Establishing the Department guidelines for processing of membership.
  • Recommending any changes pertaining to the membership program of The American Legion Dept. of Ohio.

Americanism Committee

Thomas R Rowe Jr | Americanism Committee Chairman

Phone: 740-362-7478 |

The American Legion is an organization dedicated to God and country, with a membership of military veterans who take deep pride in the U.S. Flag and all that it means. Since its inception nearly 100 years ago, the Legion has been a stalwart champion of patriotic values, morals, culture and citizenship. The Legion’s pillar of Americanism embodies its devotion to law and order, the raising of wholesome youth, an educated and law-abiding citizenship, and respectful observance of patriotic holidays and remembrances.

Religious Emphasis Committee

Melissa Fowle | Religious Emphasis Committee Chairman

Phone: 937-829-8190 |

As The American Legion is pledged to service “For God and Country” and has continuously emphasized the spiritual foundations of our freedom, The American Legion Department of Ohio Religious Emphasis Committee believes: To preserve this freedom, we must continue to hold before the American people the spiritual foundations of our Country.

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We must reaffirm our faith in Almighty God and constantly rekindle that spirit of humble reliance on Devine Guidance which inspired the founders of our Country and it behooves us as a Nation to arm our people in times of peril with the ageless weapons of moral and spiritual might and to uphold and preserve, unimpaired the spiritual heritage of America.

Therefore, as Chaplains of The American Legion Department of Ohio, it is our mission to at all times, strive to remind all Americans that God is the source of all rights and privileges.

The American Legion is an organization dedicated to God and country, with a membership of military veterans who take deep pride in the U.S. Flag and all that it means. Since its inception nearly 100 years ago, the Legion has been a stalwart champion of patriotic values, morals, culture and citizenship. The Legion’s pillar of Americanism embodies its devotion to law and order, the raising of wholesome youth, an educated and law-abiding citizenship, and respectful observance of patriotic holidays and remembrances.

Child Welfare Committee

Albert ‘Andy’ Atkins | Child Welfare Committee Chairman

Phone: 740-381-1511 |

To contribute to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of children and youth through the dissemination of knowledge about new and innovative organizations and their programs. To make wider, more effective use of the knowledge already possessed by well-established organizations to the end that such information will benefit youth and be more adequately used by society.

Public Relations Committee

John McJunkin | Public Relations Committee Chairman

Phone:419-394-8222 |

The Public Relations Committee provides a forum for the Districts to share ideas to improve the Public Relations of the American Legion throughout the state of Ohio and its communities. Public Relations include the communication, collaboration, education, and entertainment of The American Legion membership, and the public at large, about the purposes and activities of the local Posts, Districts, Department and the National Organization. This includes the use of traditional and digital public relations media. The committee consists of 14 members, one from each District in the Department, along with a committee chairperson. The Committee meets once, at the beginning of the membership year, to set the agenda and desired accomplishments for the Department over the course of the year.

Law & Order Committee

Bart Arndt | Law & Order Committee Chairman

Phone: 419-253-4652 |

There are several Law and Order Awards available from Department Headquarters. It is our hope this information will clarify what is available, what each award involves, how they may be requested, and thus increase awareness of the importance Law and Order and its effect on our daily lives.The Department’s Law and Order program is one of the best ways to enhance the image of your Post and The American Legion and at the same time, recognize outstanding individuals within your community.

Oratorical Committee

John Looker | Oratorical Committee Chairman

Phone: 513-290-4511 |


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Special Olympics Committee

Bill Koehler | Special Olympics Committee Chairman

Phone: 937-866-3253

Click here for information on the Special Olympics.

Baseball Committee

Marv Shamhart | Baseball Committee Chairman

Phone: 740-343-3073 |


Click here for information on American Legion Baseball.

Environment Conservation Committee

Robert Schmitt | Environment Conservation Committee Chairman

Phone: 419-867-9275 |

The American Legion Department of Ohio Environmental Conservation Committee maintains a commitment to all forms of Environmental Conservation by calling upon all Legionnaires to promote and practice environmental conservation in their homes, businesses and communities.

The Environmental Conservation Committee calls on all Legionnaires to conserve our natural resources by using those resources wisely and responsibly. Ongoing Environmental Conservation Committee activities include reducing waste, saving trees, fuel conservation, anti-litter, adopt a highway and recycling campaigns.