Program History

During World War II, Comedian Eddie Cantor started a fundraising effort to provide Christmas gifts for American Military Personnel hospitalized in England because of the War. His national project was called “Give to a Yank Who Gave,” which precedes the program now named “Gifts for Yanks (GFY).”

In 1952, Ohio began the program collecting $8,000, which was used to purchase cigarettes for veterans in Ohio Veterans Hospitals. By 1994, the program has grown to support volunteers in all the Ohio VA Medical Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Ohio Veterans Homes, and veterans residing in state mental health facilities.

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Program Impact

  • Christmas gifts for Veterans who are receiving care in Ohio VA Medical Centers and our Ohio Veterans Homes
  • VA Voluntary Service efforts conducted by Ohio Legionnaires
  • Approved Special Projects that support Veterans receiving care in our Ohio VA Medical Centers and Ohio Veterans Homes

Gifts for Yanks Raffle Flyer

Become a Partner

The Gifts for Yanks program is completely dependent on the Legion Family fundraising efforts. All contributions to the Gifts for Yanks program directly impacts our Veterans’ receiving care in our VA facilities and Ohio Veterans Homes.

American Legion Post are challenged to contribute $1 per Legion member to the Gifts for Yanks Program. An annual fundraising goal of $250,000 is needed to fully support the Gifts for Yanks program.

Donations by check to the Gifts for Yanks program may be mailed to American Legion Department of Ohio, 60 Big Run Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Upcoming Meetings and Donation/Fundraising Reports:

GFY Committee – Fundraising Report – 28 January 2020


GFY – VAVS Budget Reports:

2019 – 2020 GFY Committee Budget (rev 6.1)

GFY Budget-Accounts Payable 2019-2020


Points of Contact:

Robert Steggemann, 3rd District, Gifts For Yanks Commission Chairman


Andrew Klingler, Gifts For Yanks Coordinator

Phone: 740-513-1787 | Email:


Gifts for Yanks Commission Members

  • DISTRICT 1 – Chester Kendzierski
  • DISTRICT 2 – Mike Homan
  • DISTRICT 3 – Robert Steggemann (Chairman)
  • DISTRICT 4 – Ken Ellis
  • DISTRICT 5 – Darell Bishop
  • DISTRICT 6 – Daniel Goodman
  • DISTRICT 7 – John Barnhart
  • DISTRICT 8 – Robert Schmoll
  • DISTRICT 9 – William ‘Bill’ Keller
  • DISTRICT 10 – Holly Lewis
  • DISTRICT 11 – Floyd Burk
  • DISTRICT 12 – John Tepper
  • DISTRICT 13 – Stanley Popek
  • DISTRICT 14 – Robert Burgess


Gifts for Yanks (VAVS) Request Form

The Gifts for Yanks request form is available in both PDF and online version.

» Request Form (PDF or ONLINE)


Gifts for Yanks Committee Rules

GFY Committee Rules 06.2019


Gifts for Yanks Committee Minutes

GFY meeting 6.5.2021

GFY-VAVS Joint Meeting Minutes 11.16.19

GFY Minutes 09.07.19

GFY Committee Minutes 06.2019

GFY Sub committee minutes 04.20.19

VA&R, VAVS, & GFY Joint Committee Minutes 11.17.18

GFY Minutes 6-2-18